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Stanley Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan

STANLEY 3-Speed High Velocity Blower FanProduct name: Stanley 655704 Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan
Website: www.laskoproducts.com
Product type: a dual purpose fan – air circulator and blower in one
Price: around $50
Verdict: 8.5/10

If you’ve ever thought of a hybrid fan and blower, then this is the stuff of your dreams. Stanley 655704 Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan by Lasko is a great air circulator and a powerful blower in one!

Stanley 655704 Utility Fan Overview

The Stanley,  also called the Lasko Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan. It is a portable industrial-like fan that can function both as an air circulator and as a blower.

As an air circulator, it is great to carry around or bring to the garage or the shop. It is strong enough to suck in air from the sides and blow air forward, as directed by its nozzle. It is handy and great for when you need to do automotive repairs on a hot summer afternoon.

What’s Different With This Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan?

The product design is a standout in a minimalist sense. It is clean and has a classic look of a tool.

Its squirrel cage design makes for efficient pivoting, so air can easily be directed. It is also very quiet, considering that it is a utility fan.

As a blower, the Stanley 655704 can be held on three handles to easily direct its nozzle to dry leaves, a wet carpet, and many more. Its nozzle can also tilt forward and back because of its squirrel cage design.

Stanley Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan

The Stanley 655704 also boasts three special features: two outlets, a 10-amp circuit breaker with reset, and The Blue PlugTM, a patented fused 3-prong, grounded safety plug.

The two outlets act like an extension outlet. Once you have the Stanley 655704 plugged in, you can plug a drill, a light, or other tools you might need to bring with you into its outlet.

The Stanley 655704’s circuit breaker was installed for safety. If you plugged in tools or equipment that is over the 10-am ceiling, the breaker will be activated. You can easily reset it by unplugging the fan and pressing the reset button near the outlets.

Another safety feature of Stanley 655704 is The Blue PlugTM. It is recommended to plug the fan directly into a wall socket. Use of extension cords or adaptors is not advised. More importantly, cutting off the third prong is not idea as the risk of electrical shock or product malfunction might increase.

Maintenance and Care for this high velocity Utility Fan

The Stanley 655704 can be purchased and shipped fully assembled. It is made of plastic, and its exterior can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth with a mild soap solution. There is no need to clean the motor as it is permanently lubricated. If you want to clean the interior of the fan, never use moist or wet cloths. Instead, you can unscrew the fan cover and just use a dry towel.

Even though the Stanley 655704 is a utility fan, it is not advisable to bring it to hazardous areas as per the National Electric Code Article 500 or to very hot areas because the exterior is made of plastic. Also, only lay the Stanley 655704 on a flat surface to avoid accidentally overtilting the nozzle head.


Keep the Stanley 655704 in a cool dry place. Avoid placing it near windows during the rainy season as the moist or rain my get into the fan’s motor.

Stanley 655704 Specifications

Weight:  8.7 lbs.
Length: 12.19 in.

Width:  8.7 in.
Height:  12.25 in.
Color:  blue and yellow
Switch:  dial
Speed Settings: 3
Oscillating: No

Pivot: Yes, up and down
Cord Length:  about 8 feet
Cord Plug Type: 3-prong pin, adaptor is not recommended
Volts: 120
Warranty: 1-year warranty for the original owner

Stanley 655704 Utility Fan Pricing

You can find the Stanley 655704 Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan or the Lasko Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan online at about $50.

Who Is The Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan For?

The Stanley 655704 is a great addition to a home, as long as it remains where the children cannot reach it. Although, it is advertised as an indoor fan, it can still be used as an air circulator for when you need to get down and dirty at the garage, at the shop, and sometimes even when you are on a nature hiking trip (as long as you have a generator).

It is great for when you need something to cool you down when you are working at the backyard. It can also be used to dry carpets, or blow leaves at the patio.

Any Stanley Pivoting Utility Fan Complaints?

A lot of customers love the Stanley 655704, and some have even gotten more than one unit at home. As an air circulator, there have not been a lot of complaints except for some odd mention of it being too quiet.

With regards to its outlets, there have been complaints of it smoking and blowing off, but those instances were mostly due to misuse of the outlets.

My Own Thoughts On Stanley Multi Purpose Fan

I really like this fan because it is not only an air circulator but also a utility tool. I like that it functions as a blower and that I will never be dubious about its power. However, I do not recommend this as a bedroom fan, mainly because it is not as ornamental as I would have liked to.

I also recommend that if you get this fan, set it aside and away from children. The kids might stick their finger into the grills, which would be troublesome.

Stanley 655704 Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan Review Summary

Overall, the Stanley 655704 is a great air circulator and blower. It is quiet and powerful, and ideal for home garages and shops.


  • price
  • power
  • size
  • dual functionality
  • low noise levels


  • plastic material
  • not kid-friendly
  • limiting 3-prong plug

Have you tried Stanley 655704 Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan? Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

~ Nica Supang

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