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Rowenta Turbo Silence Fan: Superior In All Ways

Rowenta 12" Turbo Silence Table Fan
Rowenta 12″ Turbo Silence Table Fan

Excellent Choice for Affordable Bladed Fans

Product: Rowenta VU2351 12″ Turbo Silence (TM) Table Fan
Website: www.rowenta.com
Price: around $80
Owner: Rowenta
Verdict: I’m sold!

The  Rowenta Turbo Silence fan has been around for a few years now. It is still selling well, and has an established story…so let’s get busy learning about it. (Click on the highlighted bit there to see their own page discussing the fan!)

Overview of Rowenta

Rowenta is a German company that has been designing small appliances since 1909. They have an established reputation in the USA as being the cream of the crop for clothing irons, for example. But did you know they make fans as well?

Yes indeedy!

In Europe, their household fans are very popular, but it’s only recently that they’ve been introduced to us here. I can say that I am very glad they did.

Think back to the days of top-hats and bustles – Rowenta was started before either of the two World Wars – it was the brainchild of German engineers back in the industrial boom (1909). It has stuck the landing and is a known global manufacturer. Rowenta stands behind its products and is managed with honest integrity, from what I can tell.

As for responsible trade, Rowenta has focused on sustainable product development and global health – they keep eco-intelligence in mind with every product they design, and work with a firm (Groupe SEB) to market their products that is very particular about who they’ll represent; if Groupe SEB accepted their product, that’s as good an endorsement as you can expect.For a future where people and nature thrive.

Rowenta as even partnered with the World Wildlife Federation, which all by itself makes me willing and eager to throw some business their way, Beginning with my own!

For a future where people and nature thrive –

What’s Different About This Fan?

Well, the Rowenta Turbo Silence fan is not gimmicky, so there’s no big astonishing “behind curtain number three” revelation to give you. Dyson made a splash with their magic bladeless thing…and that’s great. But tried and true air circulation devices can always be improved. That’s what Rowenta has done. It’s a simple mechanical air mover. It spins around to move air.

Rowenta’s website shows how much concern they have for consumer satisfaction and needs:  For example, 87% of fan purchase are most concerned with NOISE.  So Rowenta addressed noise (boy howdy did they ever!).  67% buy fans for use while sleeping … so Rowenta addressed that as well.


Rowentaturbofan4The results are quite amazing.

The fan is a 12″ diameter table-top unit designed for home use. It is truly quiet.

Measured at decibels between 38 and 55, it is literally library quiet. This fan is Turbo quiet! 

Videos circulating around from QVC, and random demos from individuals on youtube prove that it really is truly the quietest thing going if you’re going to have an air propeller in the room with you.

Really Cool 21st Century Style at an Affordable 21st Century Price

The Rowenta Turbo Silence 12″ Table Fan looks fantastic – the translucent blue blades seem to disappear when they are silently spinning – nifty illusion, I think. And I like the unusual color combo.

Let’s talk specifics and specifications:

  • Materials: This unit is made of plastic except for the motor and the metal bronze-tone cage that surrounds the blades. But don’t panic! The plastic is good quality, not cheap brittle crap. It’s not the heaviest table fan out there, weighing in at only
  • Handling: It requires assembly out of the box.  It’s easy and takes just a regular screwdriver. One guy made a video of unboxing and assembling the pedestal model – piece of cake, pretty self-explanatory.  While some reviewers griped about the instructions being sketchy, most said it was easy peasy lemon breezy.  (Well, not in those words – but that’s what I would say!)
  • Affordability: Check. At only $80 (hovering right around there at every source), this is a sound investment.
  • rowenta turbo silence fan
    rowenta turbo silence fan Cool, eh? Yes, very cool.
  • Styling: This thing looks really cool – I love the translucent blue blades – which, incidentally are all one piece. They virtually disappear to the naked eye when spinning.  Cool!
  • Quality Assurance: Can’t be beat. While manufactured in facilities in China, it is to Rowenta’s specs. The product is globally marketed by Groupe SEB, which operates in 150 countries and takes only the best on as clients. The fan has a 1-year warranty to boot; even if the occasional lemon slips past the gatekeepers, I’d take the chance.

1-year warranty, and they will do repairs both before and after the warranty expiration!

  • Some commenters offered that they have had the same Rowenta iron for 20 years, for example. Expect this to be a long-term solution to artificial air venting.
  • Functionality:  The fan on Turbo blows up to 1,695 cubic feet of air per minute.  Per tick of the clock!
  • Operation: The Rowenta Turbo Silence fan has no remote. You have to turn the dial on the base to shift it into gear. It has automatic oscillation built in (you can’t make it stop swaying). It can be tilted up and down as well. There is no timer on it, either.  It has a handle molded onto the stem for ease of carrying.


Size: 18″ tall x 14″ wide x 10″ deep

Weight: 6 pounds.

Cord length: I couldn’t find specifics on the cord, but no one complained about it being too short – so I’m guessing the standard six feet. It has a fused plug.

Pricing: The Rowenta site says $79.99 and up.  Amazon lists it for exactly that but shows a “regular price” of $120.00; that’s just to give the impression that it’s “discounted.”  It’s really not. It sells nearly everywhere for $79.xx, except at Best Buy and Bon Ton, where it’s $90ish, and eBay (!) where it’s listed for $99.12. Ships for free from Amazon.

Any rowenta turbo silence fan complaints at all?

Pfffttt…..But of course!! Of course there are! Some people, I tell ya. Never satisfied.

Seriously, though – yes, there are a handful of grumbles to be found – mostly about assembly being too hard :/, and a slight movement of the unit when it’s blades are spinning around so fast you can’t see them –oh no!!

And finally, some are put off by the blue LED light….which only comes on when in Turbo mode. One reviewer put it this way:

Since I am using this fan in my room at night to sleep, I do not want a light on my fan. I really can’t imagine a situation where someone would say “I sure wish that a turbo light would turn on when my fan is all the way up.”

LOL!! This makes me laugh every time I read it…gotta give her credit for silliness…but anyway: why the blue light? I don’t know. But there it is. One customer solved that by placing a scarf across the base. Brilliant bit of problem solving there, Glenda!

I’d give it a full ten, but it is made in China (and I’m not enthusiastic about China’s labor practices); it does have some slight wobbling; you can’t turn off the oscillation feature;  and it has no remote.  (I’m lazy).

Oh, and yeah it has the incredibly irritating, stupid horrendous blue light!!  (Heaven forbid! What were they thinking!)  Okay, right. That is no reason to turn down this fan.

It’s a great deal.

Let us know what you think about this thing!!

I want one.

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