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Ozeri Brezza II: Buying One? Use Caveat Emptor!

ozeri brezza iiOzeri Brezza II 10″ Oscillating Desk Fan Review

Product: Ozeri Brezza II 10″ Oscillating Desk Fan
Website: www.ozeri.com
Price: around $30 or less!
Manufacturer: Ozeri
Verdict: Not very good!

Looking for a table fan that isn’t too expensive or fancy?  Ozeri makes fans for the consumer now. They used to make them only for hotels and resorts – who buy similar units in bulk. But now they’ve branched out into retail sales as well. Thinking of getting one?

Oh … and caveat emptor is the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

Keep reading to find out the facts about it.

Ozeri Brezza II Overview

Ozeri started out making disposable small-appliance products specifically intended for distribution to commercial interests in the travel industry. Hotels, resorts, time-shares, etc.

They decided to expand into retail direct sales, and to do it without regular advertising – instead, they give away samples and are banking on word of mouth to spread the word. Clever marketing idea, as long as shoppers can expect the reviewers to be honest.

More on that, later…

This little fan is the second generation model.  A later model comes with electronic controls and a remote, but this one is mechanically operated.  It oscillates up and down, and right and left.  It’s compact, made entirely of plastic, and imported from any of various manufacturing plants scattered across Asia (using Ozeri’s specs, presumably).

The fan is not warrantied very extensively, though there are Customer Service offices all over the globe.  It is designed to be a short-term solution for room cooling. And that’s what it does.

What’s different about the Ozeri Brezza II?

It oscillates up and down, and side to side, using two different motors. The oscillation is controlled by two different switches – one is a dial for the side to side, and also controls the speed. The other is a simple toggle switch for up-down. Keep that in mind as we move along here…

It can be mounted, having keyhole openings on the bottom and comes with drywall anchors provided to keep it securely placed – not sure why; to keep it from moving across the table, or presumably to hang it on the wall.

It is a now-common style, round and squat like R2D2, basically. Marketed as a “whisper quiet” “desk fan”. ozeri oscillation


Specifications of the Ozeri Brezza II

  • Dimensions: 9” circumference, base is about 12”, blades are 6.5” in diameter., all-told height is 14″.
  • Weight: 6 pounds or 2.72 kilos.
  • Cord: 6 feet with a non-replaceable fuse in the two-prong ungrounded plug.
  • Remote: No.
  • Operation: Mechanical only, with two separate controls.
  • Assembly required: No.
  • User serviceable parts: No.
  • Cleaning: a small screw along the lower cage edge is barely visible.
  • Warranty: Very limited 1-year/90-day return window.

Pricing for the Ozeri Brezza II

Who is the Ozeri Brezza II for?

It was originally designed for hoteliers, resort owners, bed and breakfasts – places that accommodate itinerant guests.  My experience in the back-of-the-house with a major hotel chain taught me how that works.  They keep dozens of this sort of small appliance on hand to offer as amenities. The units are priced fairly low (if you buy a whole bunch).

If you have an occasional overnight guest who needs a fan for optimum comfort, this would be for you.  If you want a long-term solution to your own personal space comfort zone, this one is not really your best pick. Maybe for a dorm room, or an RV, but even then, it’s not likely to last very long.

If you want a disposable, no-hassle table fan, cheap and for the short term, go for it!

Ozeri Brezza II Consumer Complaints?

Far too big for a desk fan – this one could be called that, if your desk is as big as your formal dining table (or your office conference room)….or if it has its own dedicated desk.

The “whisper quiet” claim is subjective as well; But wind makes noise. There’s no way to eliminate it with engineering yet.

Many of the units make “clicking” sounds during oscillation, and this one of the most common complaints.

The oscillation is prone to failure – often gets stuck in the “up” position.

The motors are poor quality (this was from an Electronics career guy who was able to diagnose it).

You can not manually direct the fan. You have to put it in oscillate mode and then turn off the oscillation when it gets to the place you prefer. Apparently a few units “learn to behave with practice” – some report that the problem cleared up after continued use.

Usual life span is about six months.  A few have survived for several years, but not many.

Expect to have a learning curve when you get it, and to have to teach everyone else who has access to it how to use it.  (Especially the no manual directional control part.)  Unfortunately, when it breaks, it may be only blowing air at your ceiling, and then it’s pretty much useless. I supposed you could lie it on its side or mount it on the wall to keep using it anyway.

My Own Thoughts about the Ozeri Brezza II 10″ Desk Fan

I would stay away.  Look elsewhere.

They are only just now experimenting with consumer retail goods, and they are relying on solicited reviews (giving away their product in exchange for lies about it – scripted lies, no less!)

This is no secret, either.  Ozeri declares it unabashedly that they use reviewers to advertise (and that’s fine and a great marketing tool if your product is really worthwhile). And it works for them!  But, buying a product that isn’t cheap based on a scripted sales pitches coming from lay people writing just-out-of-the-box review is not a wise move, folks.

Why trust our Ozeri Brezza II review over theirs?

First of all, this review was not bribed out of me.  I didn’t receive, and don’t want, one of these cluttering up my home.  Instead, I did my research thoroughly. I looked all over the web to verify independently what all those compensated 5-star typists and beginner youtube reviewers had to say about it. I even tried to find an online users manual – which does not exist (although I did find a “draft 4” from HomeDepot for the 3rd generation Ozeri Brezza III unit that came along the following year).

This fan has been around for about 5 years now, and people have had enough time to live with it. So there are verified purchasers who have complaints.  Also – taking something out of the box, turning it on and video-taping it working is not exactly a “review”.  It’s more of a product video.  In fact, that’s all it is: a product video.  Perhaps with a packaged description narrated by the ‘reviewer’.  Not objective or neutral or after several months experience using it.

I learned, and have no doubt about it, that people who have actually owned and used this fan until it either died or was returned to seller have a much different story to tell than the compensated reviewers all provide. So, here it comes: objective real-life experiences after use.

 Here’s one of those insightful Ozeri video reviews …!

Summary: Ozeri Brezza II 10″ Dual-Oscillating Desk Fan

Don’t buy it, and here’s why: Ozeri will not like this review, but I’m going to write it anyway.  Two hours of research has revealed to me that this product is a “don’t waste your money” type thing.

The Ozeri Brezza II is a second generation disposable, gimmicky, cleverly-imagined but poorly engineered, short-lived unit meant for hotels and resorts to keep on hand.  I worked as a supervisor in a giant convention hotel, and can attest personally to the quality of goods purchased in bulk by big hotel chains. Irons, coffee-makers, fans, hair-dryers, all those ‘gadgets’ they outfit guest rooms with are cheap to them, expected to break down and be replaced, and there are dedicated staff on hand to take a “working” one to a room whenever a guest declares a unit to be dead.

I’m afraid the Ozeri Brezza II may be an Amazon bestseller, but it gets a mere 2 out of 10 from me. But only for the clever round and round and up and down idea.

It needs much further fleshing out and more careful engineering and manufacturing standards to be worth the money.


  • Up and down and side to side, either, neither or both.
  • Three speeds
  • Compact
  • Non-electronic
  • Portable, with a keyhole for mounting if desired
  • Fairly quiet with good motion


  • Manufactured in various Asian facilities (supposedly according to Ozeri “specs”). You’re as likely to receive one that’s a lemon as you are to get one that lasts for a year.
  • Poor warranty, and it’s voided if the thing so much as falls on a carpeted floor (how would they know, though?)
  • No user-serviceable parts
  • Tends to get stuck in “up” position
  • Oscillation is unreliable, and cannot be manually set for a certain direction (you have to turn it on and then wait til it gets to the point you want, then turn the oscillation off again).
  • Clicking noise or stuck oscillation is a common complaint.
  • Low quality plastic.

Would love to hear from anyone with their own anecdotes! Have you seen or tried this one out?
Let us know by leaving a comment – we want to be as accurate as possible for people who really want to know, and your opinion counts, too!

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