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Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan In Oiled Bronze – Can A Fan Be A Work Of Art?

Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed Bronze Review

Product name: Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Product type:
Price: $76
Verdict: 8.5/10

Retro table fans are no doubt powerful and value for money. Hunter is known for durable and long-lasting products which will stay will you in the burning summers for a long period of time. The Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan is definitely a winner among its competitors.

Hunter 12” Oil-rubbed bronze table fan overview 

Hunter is one of the major brands available in the market. The company emphasis on the durability of the fan along with its quality craftsmanship and performance. As per the company’s website, the fan gets props from users because of the performance and high quality built.

It has the all metal construction which gives it that majestic retro look which is missing from most of the fans available in the market that claim to have the similar look and feel. 

To give its retro feel an authentication, the company has not included any remote control in the fan. It has those basic buttons that control its 3-speed motor and oscillation. The fan is designed in such a way that it allows minimal dust buildup making it easier to clean and maintain.

The fan comes assembled that means once it arrives via mail or you buy it from the store, you do not have to do any additional work at home before you can use it. Just plug it in the socket and it is all ready to make you feel relaxed in the hot summer noon. 

The fan has adjustable tilt which means that you can either use it on the table or if you want you can fix it a little higher on the wall as well. 

What’s different with the Hunter 12” retro table fan?

When it comes to table fans, the general conception is that they are not powerful enough to keep you cool in higher temperatures. Despite the small size, the Hunter motor is quite powerful. The 12” blades provide smooth circulation of the air and make sure that the coverage area gets enough air circulation. 

Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan Image Montage

Though the fan has all metal body, it is much quieter in comparison to the other fans available in the market in the similar price range. The powerful motor while running on the full speed does not make that annoying sound which the fans in the competition make that means you can keep up with your work or sleep without any distraction while it’s running around you. 

What makes The hunter 12” retro fan so special?

If we start to count to positives about the fan, the list will be long enough to make you buy it right away. From authentic retro look to smooth oscillations, this fan has everything that you may look in a table fan. However, if you are looking for something fancy that can go for with the modern design of your house, it may disappoint you a little bit. 

The fan comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the company. That means if any problem occurs in the fan due to a manufacturing defect, the company will either repair the fan or replace the whole piece for you. 

The fan does not come with any temperature reader, digital controls, remote control, lights or anything. It is a simple retro fan which is portable and can be used in any room with an electric socket. The fan is very light in weight that is around 10 pounds which make it an ideal choice for all age groups. 

Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed Pricing 

The fan comes with a price tag of $69.99 and it is often available with some discount on both online and offline stores. 

Dimensions: 10.6 x 17.5 inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Remote: no

Assembly required: no

Material: all metal

Fused plug: yes

Warranty: 1-year

Manufactured in: Hunter Home Comfort

Who Is Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed For? 

It is a perfect fan for adults and children. Though the fan comes with a metal grill to cover the fan, thinner objects can still go in. You should not allow small children to go near to the fan as their fingers are thin enough to pass through the grill. Also, make sure not to put a pencil, pen or screwdriver inside the grill while the fan is on. It can damage the fan and can cause an accident as well. 

The fan is not completely waterproof thus you have to make sure not to expose it to water. It is an ideal piece for any room but should be used with little caution which we all practice while using an electric gadget. 

Are there any Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed Complaints? 

To be on the fair side, there are some genuine complaints where the users have specified that the fan stopped working after a certain number of days. The company provides a 1-year warranty with the product thus if it faces any manufacturing issue in that time period, the product can be repaired or replaced at zero cost. However, it is little inconvenient for the customer. Overall, the fan has received positive comments from users all across the country. 

My Own Thoughts On Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed

Personally speaking, I would not hesitate in going for this product. It is not only heavy duty stuff which will last for a much longer time in comparison to other table fans available in the market, it will also give that retro look to the room which I often look around for. 

Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Oil-Rubbed Review Summary

If I try to summarize this review about the Hunter’s 12” Retro Table Fan, I would majorly emphasis on the fact that it is not only a great looking fan but it also fits perfectly in the affordable section. You can use the fan in any room without any problem and when it comes to power, this fan will not disappoint you. 


All Metal Body


Popular brand name

Comes with a 1-year warranty

High-quality product

Comes assembled


Does not have remote

Cleaning can be tricky

Table fans are ideal for small rooms and garages. If you are looking for an affordable piece with a retro look, this will fit right into your criteria. If you have used this product, I would like to hear your words on it in the comments below.


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