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Fanimation Fitzgerald Table or Wall-Mounted Fan In Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Fanimation Fitzgerald Table or Wall-Fan Review

Product name: Fanimation OF6320OB
Website: www.fanimation.com
Product type: oscillating desk fan/wall-mounted fan
Price: around $300-$400
Verdict: 9/10

Do you like to spice up the look of your room? Do you find it hard to decide whether you want an air circulator on your desk or mounted on the wall? The Fanimation Fitzgerald may just be the product to solve your problem. Known for innovative designs, Fanimation came up with a fan that you can either use as a desk fan or a wall fan.

Fanimation OF6320OB Overview

If you’ve been looking for decorative fans, you have probably come across the name Fanimation. The company, founded in the 1980s, has made fans for Disney, Hollywood movies, luxury resorts, tropical paradises, and awe-inspiring intimate rooms around the world.

Tom Frampton, founder of the company, has long worked with antiques and fans since he was in high school. His first fan design was a side-to side, synchronized fan. He is also the man behind the single-bladed ceiling fan in the futuristic movie, I, Robot back in 2004.

The cardboard fan that completed the set of Down and Out in Beverly Hills was also his genius idea.

Fanimation Fitzgerald Concept Fan

The man’s passion for innovation, function, and design has made Fanimation an empire of well-loved fans. With Frampton’s background, the company has nurtured the trust of clienteles around the world.

One of Fanimation air circulators that you can easily take home is the Fitzgerald. It is a peacock-like air circulator that can be used as a desk fan or a wall-mounted fan. I say peacock because the design is definitely unique. It veers away from the traditional round head of desk and wall-mounted fans. The face fans out like feathers, reminiscent of the feather headdress of the 1920s.

The Fitzgerald also has an oil-rubbed bronze finish, a very classy retro look, but it also comes in satin-nickel, its brighter, more modern counterpart.

The Fitzgerald is shipped fully assembled as a portable desk fan. If you want to use it as a wall fan, it comes with a bracket, a nail, and screws to hold it in place. Assembling it as a wall fan seems easy enough. Simply attach the bracket to your wall with the screws. Remove the rubber feet on the Fitzgerald before mounting it, then secure it in place with the longer nail. Despite its size, the fan motor is quite powerful, so make sure that you get that nail in.

What’s Different with the Fitzgerald Table/Wall-Mounted Fan?

The Fitzgerald can be called three things: a portable fan, a desk fan, and a wall fan. It stands about 15 inches high, which is a nice tabletop fan on a writing desk. It is quiet considering its power too, so it produces just the right amount of white noise when you’re studying or sleeping. If your desk space is limited, it can easily be converted to a wall fan. It would be a hanging work of art.

Design-wise, there is none like this – as expected coming from Fanimation!

The Fanimation Fitzgerald fan imageFanimation Fitzgerald Specifications

Weight: around 5 kg.
Height: around 15 in.
Depth: 11 in.
Width: 12.5 in
Color: oil-rubbed bronze, satin-nickel
Switch: 4-position, rotary
Speed Settings: 3
Oscillating: Yes
Remote: No
Cord Length: 8 ft.
Cord Plug Type: 2-pin
Current: 15 amp circuit
Hertz: 60
Volts: 120
Warranty: Lifetime warranty for the original owner

Fanimation Fitzgerald Table/Wall-Mounted Fan Price

There are a couple of authorized dealers of Fanimation products, including Del Mar Fans & Lighting, Build.com, and Lumens to name a few. But, the Fitzgerald is not easy to find. As such, prices can range from $300 to $400 depending on the supply of the dealer.

Who This Oil-Rubbed Bronze Fanimation Fan For?

The Fitzgerald is definitely for the collector. If you are interested in antique or decorative fans, you must have the Fitzgerald, not only because it’s a Fanimation original but also because it is quite hard to find nowadays.

The Fitzgerald can also be for any individual who wants a unique, functional, decorative fan at home. This can make a bedroom moody and eclectic. The oil-rubbed bronze give it an antique vibe, without the patina. It’s also quiet enough, so the buzzing won’t interrupt with your studies or sleep.

The Fitzgerald is also great for theme rooms. Theme hotels or luxury hotels can display this piece in a 1920s bedroom or suite.

Are there any Complaints?

Since the Fitzgerald is quite rare, there aren’t many reviews or complaints about it. There are very rare instances when people complain about it rattling, though.

My Own Thoughts On Fanimation OF6320OB Fitzgerald Table/Wall-Mounted 3-Speed Fan, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

I would love to get this fan for my room. I love the design and how quiet it is. I’m sure the power can also circulate air efficiently even in the summer.

However, I don’t advise parents to have this at home where kids can access it. The blades are metal and the gaps in between the grill are quite big. Do not let children get close to it if you’re going to use it as a desk fan.

Fanimation OF6320OB Fitzgerald Fan Summary

Fanimation’s Fitzgerald is a collector’s item. However, it is not simply a decorative, antique piece because it packs power in its motor. Despite its power, the fan is very quiet whether it is steady or oscillating.


  • stylish antique finish
  • multifunctional (can either be a desk fan or a wall fan)
  • powerful motor
  • quiet


  • expensive
  • heavy
  • not kid-friendly

Do you have any experience with Fanimation Fitzgerald? If so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

~ Nica Supang

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