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Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan Delivers Style & Function

Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan Review

Product name: Deco Breeze Raleigh Tabletop Fan
Website: www.decobreeze.com
Product type: Decorative desk fan
Price: $144
Verdict: 7

Homes usually rely on ACs in the summer. In fact, rarely does a home ever sport a fan or an air circulator anymore. If you want a cool room, go get an AC.

Good thing that Deco Breeze has found a different outlook on home fans. Deco Breeze is the leading company for decorative fans. If you’re looking for an old-school desk fan to help circulate the cool AC breeze, the Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan might be the one for you!

Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan Overview

Deco Breeze is under the company Global Product Resources, Inc. (GPR). Founded in 2005, it is a private California firm behind DecoGlow, DecoFlair, and Deco Breeze. All of their products are known to be unique and highly giftable.

Deco Breeze found great success back in 2010, with spokesman Carlos Lee Reed saying that their fans are a not only functional as industrial fans but also decorative, like the classic ceiling fan.

Their Deco Breeze product line consists of high-velocity fans, floor fans, table top fans, retro fans, outdoor fans, and the more outrageous figurine fans and vanity mirrors (Yes! A vanity mirror and a fan in one!).

Although the Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan seems to be one of their less outrageous products, it is nonetheless eye-catching. Designed in-house, the Raleigh Table Top Fan sports a brown finish that exudes an old-school, antique feel or a glossy patina-look. It can blend well with wooden furniture – like a wooden desk – or natural, muted wallpapers. It has a unique twisted body that is very ornamental and reminds one of the artistry and craftsmanship put on wooden furniture.

What’s Different About Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan?

A lot of fans and air circulators focus on power. The Raleigh Table Top Fan, being a Deco Breeze product, balances function and fashion. Made of high-quality metal and resin, the Raleigh Table Top Fan is a great accent piece in a room without being loud – literally!

It is a relatively quiet oscillating fan that can do a little tilt. It boasts a 300-watt whisper-quiet motor and has three speeds. At high speed, the buzzing can be a little audible.

Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan

Deco Breeze also has the Raleigh Model as a floor fan, with the longer twisted, ornamental body. It stands 16 in. tall.

Deco Breeze Raleigh Specifications

Height: 25 inches (63.5 cm)

Width: 11 inches (27.94 cm)

Speed Settings: 3

Low-speed RPM: 900

Mid-speed RPM: 1100

High-speed RPM: 1280

Power: 300 Watts

Blades: 4

Warranty: Most outlets guarantee only a one-year warranty

Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan Pricing

On the official site, the Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan costs $149.99, but the price is lower on other outlets like Amazon.

Who Is Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan For?

The Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan will feel at home at a vacation cabin, an old-school room, or a small Hawaiian café. It is a great ornament to a bedside table, a living side table, or a chill bar.

This fan is best for the living room where it can be seen by a lot of people. It can be the subject of conversation. And it can also help with air circulation when there are a lot of people in the room. Its whisper-quiet motor will definitely not make noise during tea-time conversations or afternoon cocktails.

Because of its tight-spaced grills, you won’t have to worry about children getting interested in looking at it or touching it.

Are there any Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan Complaints?

There are not a lot of reviews nor complaints about the Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan.

My Own Thoughts on Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan

I first saw this fan at an aunt’s home. She lives in a cozy home where the pieces of furniture are made of wood. Even though it was quietly sitting at the corner of the living room, it immediately caught my attention. I initially thought that it was wooden and I just wanted to appreciate the craftsmanship.

To my surprise, at closer inspection, there weren’t distinctive wood grains! My aunt loves this fan precisely because of what I did. She loves art and appreciates craftsmanship, and she wants to instill that appreciation for art in her family, too. And indeed, I did appreciate the craftsmanship of the fan.

Nonetheless, function-wise, I would not heavily rely on it for cooling a room. It is just an okay air circulator.


Great craftsmanship
Small enough for moving around
Whisper-quiet motor
Grill is child-friendly


Price for function
Limited tilt
Warranty length

Have you tried the Deco Breeze Raleigh Table Top Fan? Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

~ Nica Supang


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