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Beefy Air Circulation Solution: Lasko Wind Machine 3300

Lasko 20” Wind Machine 3300 Air Circulator Review

Product Name: Lasko 3300(A20300) 20″ Wind Machine 3 Speed
Website: www.laskoproducts.com
Product Type: Air Circulator, Power/Box Fan
Price: around $40
Verdict: a great choice at an affordable price

Box fans have been around for a long time, they are a proven winner. Lasko is one of the leaders in household fans (and industrial fans, too!).  This one – the 20″ 3300 or model A20300 Wind Machine Power/Box fan (also called an Air Circulator) model  is a winner for sure.  

lasko wind machine

Lasko 20” Wind Machine 3300 Air Circulator Overview

Also sold as the A20300, this fan by Lasko, a major name in fan brands, is an up-to-date version of the old classic “box fan” that we all know from way back when.  Lasko has been in business since 1909, and is a USA company that still makes products here in the USA.  Their commitment to quality and social responsibility is exemplary.  

What kind of fan is the Lasko Wind Machine 3300 (aka A20300)?

The Wind Machine is marketed as an “Air Circulator” on their website. Its box shows it is a “Power/Box” type fan.  It is intended for household use, and not rated for industrial, agricultural, or any other use.  While it is not “box shaped” anymore (the old standard), it still fits in windows and can be used to either pull air into the room, push it out of the room, or just move air around without window use at all.  The head pivots a full 360° so you can aim it at the ceiling, at the floor, or anywhere in between.

While it does not have a remote, it has nice large controls.  It is mechanically operated by a twist-knob behind the motor housing on the back of the cage.  The pivot is held by two knobs at 3 and 9 o’clock by tightening them down.  They hold their position very well.

A nifty handle is attached to the top, and it stands solidly on the floor – not as prone to tipping over as old-style box fans, and much more versatile due to the pivot function.

What’s Different About the Lasko Wind Machine 3300 (A20300)

The pivoting head is probably the most notable difference.  It is aimed up or down or straight ahead or at any angle in between by friction – the two knobs at each side of the base are hand-tightened to hold it in position.

This fan is hefty-looking, but very quiet. Compared to old box fan styles, it is far more powerful.  However, it is not an industrial-strength floor-fan like you might see in a mechanic’s garage or a factory warehouse or manufacturing facility.  It wasn’t made to be that strong, but Lasko does make “blowers” for that type of industrial use.

How Fancy Is It?

It does not oscillate side to side, or  up and down. One direction, and you choose it.  If it is standing in the room anywhere, you will notice it. It is not unattractive, but also not “decor sensitive.”  A simple two-tone white and either blue or gray trim is the scheme.

It has a 1-year warranty, and a very simple “owner’s manual” of only 2 pages; the fine print ‘warnings’ section, and the operating instructions (“plug it in, set the desired head angle, tighten the knobs at the sides to fix its aim, and then use the knob at the back to turn it on to L, M, or H. To turn off, twist the knob back to off. ”)

No timer, thermostat, digital controls, lights bells or whistles.  It just moves air. It’s an air circulator, not an electronic gimmicky gadget.  It’s uber-portable and lightweight, coming in at about 8 or so pounds.  The handle is molded onto the top of the frame.

The Lasko Wind Machine 3300 20” Air Circulator is exactly the same as the A20300 Power/Box Fan – this was just a model number switch. Both models are still sold in stores.

lasko 3300 wind machine 20"

Lasko Wind Machine 3300 20″Air Circulator Power Fan Specs


25 3/8″ wide
7 3/16″ deep (if in vertical position)
23 3/8″ tall

Weight: 8 pounds

Cord length: 6.5 feet

Remote: no

Assembly required: no

Material: all plastic housing

Owner serviceable: yes

Weatherproof: partially

Cleaning: remove screws from back of cage, wipe parts with damp cloth

Fused plug: yes

Warranty: 1-year

Manufactured in: USA of recycled and responsibly acquired global materials

Lasko Wind Machine 20” Air Circulator Pricing

 Who is the Lasko Wind Machine 300 (A20300) Air Circulator For?

This machine is intended for adult use in households with older children and older pets.  

The grill is a typical fan cage – pencils and fingers can get in between the slats.  Don’t put pencils or fingers or screwdrivers or straws or pens or knives through the slats, and you’ll be fine.  The Wind Machine can be used as a “box fan” in a window to either suck air in, or push air out, whichever you prefer, or just stand on the floor and circulate air throughout the room.

It is somewhat weather-proof (having a protective housing), and therefore worry-free if it gets caught in a simple rain.  However, they recommend bringing it in if you expect a strong storm.

What about noise and cleaning?

It is a relatively quiet fan and produces very good “white noise” for those who like to sleep with a fan going (and who doesn’t?).  Also, it will assist with cooling bills (or with heating bills as well, if aimed at the ceiling) allowing the owner adjust the home’s thermostat accordingly.  

It doesn’t claim to “purify” the air, or to clean up your kitchen while you’re away, but it will move the air around, it is very visible and very easy to lift up and move around.  The fused plug ensures that any power surges or fire danger related to electricity will shut it off.

It can be cleaned but requires the use of a screwdriver and the removal of several screws to take the cage apart.  There is no “oiling” recommended, but the company website does say that if the blade assembly “wobbles” to just push it back on tightly to stop that from happening.

Are There Any Complaints with the Lasko Wind Machine 20” Air Circulator?

None to speak of, however, a few arrived a little beat up (the fan is just sitting in the box without extra packaging), but were replaced on request.  

It is not as powerful as a warehouse or industrial fan (the kind that create gale force winds and drown out all noise and mess up hairdos – but see above product comparison if that’s your preference), and it is not billed as such.

The only other issue is that the control is on the back of the machine. So, if it’s tipped upward, you have to reach behind and under to change the speed or turn it off/on.

My Own Thoughts On the Lasko Wind Machine 20” Power/Box Fan

I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a floor fan or a window fan, but it’s much more than that. It’s a hefty appliance size-wise, easy to move around, simple and straightforward, and my daughter bought one for her apartment where she lives alone.

She rates it about an 8, because it seems to her that the plastic could be better quality.  However, since it incorporates recycled materials, that’s okay.  Of course, she’s an environmentally conscious Materials Science engineer so we have to cut her some slack for persnicketiness.  

Lasko 20” Wind Machine Power/Box Fan Air Circulator Review Summary

An excellent choice for an apartment or dorm where white noise is desired and air circulation is important (especially upper floors that tend to be warmer than cool ground-level or basement air).  It is very inexpensive to operate, very moderately priced, and will last for years.  Finally, Lasko is a very dependable brand, and this fan is no exception.


  • Sturdy
  • Simple operation
  • Recognized brand name
  • Made in USA of recycled and responsibly made materials
  • 1-year warranty
  • Proven quality by a proven company
  • Comes fully assembled


  • No remote
  • A bit tricky to disassemble and clean, but not hard
  • That is all

Do you have a Lasko Wind Machine 3300 (or A20300) 20” Air Circulator?  How do you like it?  It seems an excellent choice for the resident wanting a no-nonsense machine to move air around and provide a friendly “noise” while sleeping.  Do you agree? Let us know!  

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