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The Aura Oscillating Bladeless Fan – A Novelty With Bells, Whistles And Lights But No Blades

Auro Oscillating Blades FanGet A Load Of This Little Unit!

Product Name: Aura Oscillating Blades Fan
Manufacturer: Unknown Asian Manufacturer
Seller: Various Importers
Website: None
Price: MSRP: $220.00 or 129.99+ at Amazon
Verdict: $79.99 can get you a non-working unit available for parts on eBay at writing. Keeping that in mind, read on…


Overview Aura Bladeless Fan With Decorative LED Light

This fan is made somewhere in Asia by an unidentified manufacturing facility (or facilities). After two hours investigation trying to isolate the manufacturer and details about the technology, I’m thinking these are just common knock-offs of Dyson bladeless fans.

Priced handsomely, they have no reputation for longevity, and give me more an impression of an “as seen on TV” thing. You know, like the Robosweep my dad ordered for my brothers and me some years ago…..it crept around randomly on the floor, sweeping up. (“Your floor is now clean. Your floor is now clean,” it said.)

(Not really, but you get the idea.)

The motor is inside the base, safely sealed away from tiny fingers and other probing bits – the air gets sucked into the chamber and then pushed out through vent slits in the upper tubular part, at 15 to 18 times the velocity of the air sucked in. The air only comes out of the ring, though.  On low, you barely feel it two feet away.

If you put your face right in front of the opening, you won’t feel the breeze at all….(it comes out of the ring of plastic, not from where the blades would be.)

The Aura Difference:

Well, it’s less expensive than Dyson. It’s meant to be a competitor, but I feel I can safely say that it is not really up to the task.

It comes with only a 30-day return window (via Amazon), and there’s no warranty.  Many, many reports of it dying shortly after purchase (from as soon as it gets turned to “high” to the first “overnight” to not until some weeks or months later).

It comes with a row of white LED lights at the base that you can turn on for ambience (they bill it as a “nightlight” but it’s too bright for that. One reviewer said “you might as well just turn on the overhead light, instead”).  Clever idea, but poorly executed.

The specifications of the Aura Bladeless Fan:

First, let’s address the “exclusive technology designed by Aura” that all other reviews and listings of it include.  I’m sorry to say I fear there’s nothing “exclusive” about this fan’s design except that the decal for “Aura” brand is attached.

  • Size: 22″ tall, 10” wide at the waist.
  • Cord length: about two feet
  • Power source: AC/DC adapter that covers up outlets on a power strip – one of those chunky boxes that have the pin on the end to stick into your unit.  Like speakers or phone chargers type of thing.  Awkward and bulky. Also Chinese made.
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Assembly required: The top comes off of the base where the fully enclosed fan motor is. Snap the top onto the base.
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Velocity of output: 15 to 18 times the speed of the wind getting sucked in through the little holes on the back of the base.  Not effective for large rooms or whole room cooling.
  • Speeds: 3 speeds, high medium, low
  • Oscillation: 90 degrees left to right. There is no up or down, nor can oscillation be sped up.
  • Placement restrictions: Close to outlet or requires extension cord.  One reviewer said it looked like it could be mounted (like a keyhole opening to hang it on a screw). But I don’t know if they all have that.
  • Manual operation: Yes, but some units are not clearly labelled. Other units show spelt out functions.

(This is another thing that makes me wary – I can’t prove it, but I think these might be coming from a variety of manufacturing facilities and just have the “Aura” decal slapped on them. Or, alternatively, the “exclusive” bit they claim is that their decal is attached at the factory instead of “Samergy”. Could be anyone can buy these and order a specific label and call it “exclusive”….)

Would I buy an Aura Oscillating Bladeless Fan with the Fancy lights?


Unless you want it for a one-off party time conversation piece or for occasional use as a safer alternative when toddlers are present. Or I guess as a disposable thing for the kids’ playroom. It won’t hurt anybody, anyway.

In my opinion it would make a crap wedding or house-warming gift, and a disappointing small appliance for my own home and office.

It will save your baby’s fingers or your dog’s tongue, but it won’t move air for very long. One reviewer reported they bought it for their son to go off to college and it failed before the semester ended!

I don’t know about you, but if you want to plunk down a week’s worth of grocery money for a novelty item, you go ahead….and let us know what you think about it!

Verdict:  More negatives that positives on this one.


So – There you have it.

A fun party prop, or a short-term solution to having your grandkids overnight – but not a permanent solution to room climate control. Even as “white noise” for sleeping it’d be annoying. The lights are too bright, more suitable as landing beacons for visiting UFOs than “night light” use.

If this is the style of fan you want (and trust me, I understand the allure of a bladeless fan for ease of cleaning and safety and Jetsons-style gadgetry – even the LED lights are a cute add-on) just buy a Dyson. You’ll be glad you did.

As a little anecdotal aside, while shopping for a used car some months back, and learned that the “brand name” has little to do with the quality of the manufacturing.

Some Hondas were made in run-down, poorly managed, neglectful plants – others in streamlined, state-of-the-art facilities.  It is prudent to find out who made the item you are considering before investing in it!

This fan is no “Honda.” I’d say it’s more like a Yugo.  (As in: you go ahead and check out a Dyson, don’t waste your money on this one.)

Please let us know if you have experience with this unit that is more true to life than a “they gave me one free in exchange for my review.” –  Check it in the video below!

Biron’s Video of Auro Oscillating Fan  –

Thanks for reading!

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